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Antigua is world renowned for its yacht painting, varnishing and repairs and Techniques are amongst the best you will find anywhere.  Regularly working for the most fastidious of super and mega-yacht owners and captains, Techniques' finishes and workmanship are first class, professional and unrivalled in the yachting industry.

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Techniques yacht painter decorators are experts in yacht painting and decoration of interior and exterior surfaces.  We make a pledge to our customers to deliver quality, professional and reliable performance of all services offered. 

Our main goal is providing our customers with high quality work performance accountability, professionalism and reliability in all the services offered.  We offer solutions to our customers that meet their needs in colour, design, functionality and all budgets.  Our team of professional painters & varnishes, who do their work with love and care, committed to quality and functionality of each task. 

Modern finishes are much more than just paint, instead they are systems made up of a combination of coatings each applied in the correct sequence under carefully controlled conditions to produce a high performance finish.  If applied correctly, they provide chemically cured finishes resistant to abrasion, chalking, corrosion and chemical attack, protecting your valuable investment against the harsh marine environment.  For more than a fifteen years Techniques Yacht Painter Decorator has prided itself on being a high class yacht painter, producing fantastic finishes with a mirror like gloss on vessels which are sailed around the world.

Techniques Yacht Painter Decorator, an approved yacht painting company, has the highly qualified staff to care for your boat and produce a shiny new finish matching virtually any colour to add value to an older vessel and give new life to a tired looking boat making it look almost as if it’s just been delivered from the factory again.  The paints used are based on polyurethane or epoxy plastics which cure by using a combination of chemical and physical processes giving a strong, durable surface with high protection against both the sea and the sun with improved gloss retention.
New, highly technical formulas are used which give improved pot life and also mean the finish achieved with brush applications is comparable to that of spraying. Improvements have also been made to gloss finishes with additives ensuring the ‘wet look’ shine is kept for longer.  The first stage of any paint work is to thoroughly prepare the surface, a procedure which takes many hours for each square meter and which is one of the most important stages in the repainting process.

On most boats, Techniques Yacht Painter Decorator will use a two component system.  But, on older, wooden boats, conventional single components will still be used as these are more forgiving towards flexibility and surface imperfections.

Our staff are experienced in achieving the best results possible using these complex materials.  By only using the best quality paints from the world’s leading manufacturers we ensure we stay at the forefront of technical development.  To bring new life into your boat and ensure it stays looking as if it has just arrived fresh from the factory, why not contact Techniques Yacht Painter Decorator for a quote?  

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